It's FREE for Vendors!

Offer a deal to bring BOGO Cardholders in the door & keep them coming back for more; generating revenue for your business while helping fundraisers raise the money they need!


There are no listing fees, set-up fees,  or renewal fees.   Just sign-up and your vendor account.  Allowing you to advertise free!


Offer any BOGO 50% or BOGO free deal that you want; where the second item is an item of equal or lesser value. Allowing you to control your margins!


You are not locked into publication deadlines and can set the expiration date of your deal.  Allowing you to truly connect to your customers & drive sales!

Within 24-48 hours of signing up

  • You will receive an email from The BOGO Card when your listing is approved
  • Your deal is live! Make sure your team knows your current BOGO Card deal(s) for a happy customer transaction.?
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